Standard Tour Server – RAID 5

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Storage capacities:  20TB   32TB   48TB   64TB   80TB    96TB    112TB

RAID 5 is one of the most popular for IT professionals and businesses. What sets it apart from other RAIDs is the fact that the data is spread across at least three hard drives and you can use up to sixteen (16). But its greatest strength lies in the presence of the parity bits, also called correction codes which are inserted after a series of saved data and which are distributed randomly in all the disks. Thus, these correction bits will prevent data loss in the event of a hard drive failure and allow them to remain intact.

In order to prevent failures, we use Enterprise grade drives with an MTBF of 2.5M-hr (mean time between failures).

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32Gb DDR4 Memory
Windows 10 Pro on SSD in RAID 1 (mirror)
920 Watt PLATINUM certified redundant power supply
12 Gb / s SAS high-bandwidth RAID controller
Four Gigabit network connectors
HDMI / DVI / VGA video outputs
900 Mbps recording capacity
Maximum of 300 Mbps per connection
Recording capacity of approximately 200 HD (1080p) cameras
Dimension (D x W x H) : 647 x 178 x 452 (mm)

Full 5 year warranty


Additional information

Disk Capacity

10TB, 12TB, 14TB, 16TB, 20TB, 30TB, 32TB, 36TB, 40TB, 42TB, 48TB, 56TB, 60TB, 64TB, 70TB, 72TB, 80TB, 84TB, 96TB, 108TB, 112TB, 128TB, 144TB

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro English, Windows 10 Pro French, Windows Server 2019 English (+$750), Windows Server 2019 French (+$750)